Fab-Con, Inc. provides inland logistical services, marine construction, turnkey fabrication, and construction and repair services. We offer A-Z solutions including, pipeline installation, pipe laying and removal and decommissioning. We also offer support personnel, equipment rental, catering services, marine vessel repair and a full services inland barge division geared to fit the unique needs of the onshore, offshore and upstream energy sectors.

Our clients are some of biggest and best players in the oil and gas industry, including Energy XXI, Apache, Texas Petroleum Pipeline, Dynamic Offshore Resources, Chevron and Shell. We are able to offer excellent shallow-water work consisting of repair and installation using our own new barges and tugs, as well as installation of well-head structures.

Fab-Con, Inc. is a locally owned and operated marine construction company. We have over 50 years experience in oilfield construction and fabrication and are capable of doing all aspects of a job, including:

Pile driving
Building production platforms
Laying pipeline
Fabrication and installation of production equipment
Levee construction
P&A projects
Offshore Catering

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