Fab-Con Employee Referral Program

Fab-Con, Inc. is hiring for all offshore job positions, dock and shop personnel. We are up, running and hiring for all positions, offshore and onshore.

In the wake of Hurricane Isaac, Fab-Con, Inc. needs experienced personnel to keep up with new and existing contracts. We value our quality employees, and are urging everyone to spread the word that Fab-Con is hiring! As an added bonus, we have created an Incentive Program for offshore employee referrals. Here is how it works:

Each employee of Fab-Con, Inc. will receive a $50 gift card for every person he refers that is hired and kept on for longer than 30 days. If your referral stays on the job longer than 6 months, you will receive an additional $50. That’s a total of $100 for sending over experienced offshore workers, and shop and dock personnel.

Our straightforward Incentive Program for employees is a win, win situation – you put your trustworthy and experienced friends to work and we put some cash in your pocket!

Forward this link to your friends and start putting a little cash in your pocket.

Good Jobs at Fab-Con!


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