Disaster Recovery

The team at Fab-Con, Inc. has extensive experience in all phases of disaster recovery and debris removal, as well as pre-disaster planning. We regularly manage multiple contracts in an effective and efficient manner. We have managed more than ?? disaster recovery projects throughout the Gulf Coast, from major natural disasters to manmade catastrophes throughout the Southeast region. Our disaster recovery solutions include;

Marine Construction and salvage

Marine and wet debris removal

Marine Operations

Side-scan SONAR collection and data interpretation

Hurricane Repair

Fab-Con also provides a full range of disaster support services.

Strength in Extreme Environments

Fab-Con, Inc is a highly experienced disaster management contractor. We are uniquely qualified to help put companies and communities back on the road to recovery following a disaster. Not only does Fab-Con have a full time team of expert disaster management professionals on the ready to mobilize at a moment’s notice, the company also has the knowledge and resources to quickly assemble and deploy on a moments notice. Our expertly trained, highly experienced, project teams and specialized equipment can meet any needs that may arise in the aftermath of a disaster, whether expected or unexpected.

We offer disaster response and recovery services and equipment for:



Ice Storms

Oil Spills

Other Catastrophic Disasters

Hurricanes are natural phenomena that wreak havoc in most coastal regions. Our equipment is a vital part of rescue efforts like restoring power, providing assistance in flood protection, levee building and clean-up operations.

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